Ellos, an online clothes retailer that's great for kids

Here at Mummy Reviews we’re big fans of Scandinavian kids clothing, it tends to be more fashionable and durable than the sort of stuff you can get on the high street here in the UK. So when we found out Swedish retailer Ellos was opening a UK online store, we jumped at the chance to have a rummage around their online kids collections.

One of the things that stands out with the pretty dresses that Fifi will undoubtedly look great in, is most of them wash at 40 degrees, whilst some, like this one ) actually wash at 60 degrees! When you’ve got a daughter who loves tomato-y food and is still growing at a rate that means shrinking clothes in a hot wash means they last a matter of weeks!

Ellos’ boyswear looks equally as durable, looking at the stitching round the seams on some of the combat trousers, even our four year old would be hard pushed to destroy them in short order.

Currently www.ellos.co.uk has 20% off your first order until the end of the year, so in our opinion, it’s well worth checking them out.