With Halloweeen firmly on its its way we were delighted to take delivery of some Zombie Hexbugs and some Nano’s. We love Hexbugs in this house and the kids delight in using their Lego to build little mazes and houses for them to run around.

In case you don’t know what they are Hexbugs are little micro robotic insect like things which scurry around and have a life of their own. You can see them here:

I have to admit I am surprised at how much my kids love playing with these, it’s great because they are quite interactive. We have found that they have unleashed new levels of creativity with specific building projects aimed around constructing new environments to see how they behave. You can also go onto the Internet and register your Hexbug and play some related games. They have proven an interesting way of starting to talk to the children about science and to be honest, just brilliant fun. Daddy pinched one for work where it scurries around his desk proving they are not just for kids.

A word of warning, these little creatures do behave like insects and so if you let one loose in the room make sure all the small holes are blocked up. A friend of ours lost hers under the fridge, quite a faff to move all that to recover it…