Carddies – New Creative Toy Launched For Christmas

The Mummy Reviews Team were offered some new Carddies to try out and it was me who took up the challenge to test them out. Carddies were developed by two sisters with seven children between them on a wet caravan holiday! There are several Carddies sets which you can see on their website here and we were sent Knights, and Fairies. As these Carddies as designed to be taken out, this is just what we did. The box didn’t fit in my handbag – but that’s because having carried round the huge ‘baby’ bag for years, I now have a teeny handbag that you can’t fit anything in!

The Carddies box opens matchbox style to reveal 12 little coloured pencils, 12 card people with stands and a background scene to colour. The idea is that the children can colour in the people and then use them for making up stories. The first thing I noticed is that the pencils are really good, lovely, bright, strong colours that make the Carddies characters look great. So often with this type of thing the card is shiny, or the pencils rubbish and you end up with a bit of washy colour for a lot of effort. The characters themselves are double sided and really nicely drawn. The box is good and strong, so should last repeated trips out and there are lovely little features like spaces on the back of the colour in scene to write down all your character names so you don’t forget who’s who.

Anyway, we took the knights set to a well known restaurant with four small people, 3 boys and 1 girl, two are seven and the other two four. They were really excited by the box and quickly chose  a Carddie to colour, they shared really nicely and these are the results! The children enjoyed colouring the people and enjoyed playing a knights game with them. How long Carddies will survive one of Small Boys battles is a matter of concern – but so far so good! His little sister is much more gentle and I think she and her friends will enjoy the fairy set for a good long time.

I think Carddies are well thought out, well made and would make a lovely present for any imaginative child. They are British Made from ethically sourced materials and are reasonably priced. They can be purchased at Amazon or through the Carddies website with an RRP of £8.99.