Schwartz Slow Cookers recipe mixes

I think I must be one of the last mums to join the slow cooker revolution that seems to be going on at the moment. I’d heard people talking about them both down at the playground and also on Twitter, but I hadn’t realised just how much they could change the regular late dinner problem that seems to happen in our household.

A husband with a long commute home from work means that it’s impossible for all our family to eat dinner together in the evening so what usually happens is that my daughter has her dinner before Daddy returns home from work. Then, after her bath and bedtime rituals, one of us would wander into the kitchen and start preparing dinner. Finally, sometimes as late as 9.30pm, we’d be sitting down for dinner, exhausted and just wanting to go to bed as soon as it was over.

Just having a slow cooker in the house has already changed all that. I can prepare dinner whilst my daughter naps in the afternoon. It then goes in the slow cooker to cook and by the time my husband gets home from work the house already smells good enough that I get some brownie points for being the domesticated wife that he’d always hoped to marry. Once my daughter is in bed for the night all that needs doing is to cook up some accompanying rice or potatoes and dinner can be on the table so quickly. Another advantage is that I can make up large batches of things and keep portions for my daughter to eat later in the week.

Those lovely people at Schwartz have made the whole slow cooker process even easier (if that’s possible) by bringing out a new range of Slow Cookers recipe mixes. There are four recipes available: Beef & Tomato Casserole, Chicken Curry, Chicken in Red Wine and Sausage & Bean Casserole. The packets have a list of the other ingredients that you need on the back of them and they are so simple to prepare. So simple intact that here’s a video of everything you need to do to prepare the Chicken in Red Wine Recipe (apologies for video orientation!)

Four hours later we were enjoying this with a side dish of mash potatoes – just ten minutes after getting my daughter in to bed!