Hot Wheels Wall Tracks by Mattel

Hot Wheels Wall Tracks, you must have seen the fab adverts, but while Small Boy is breathless with wonder, I am a little more sceptical. Being ‘grown up’ has its downsides. When watching the Hot Wheels Wall Track adverts I immediately think ‘I bet they don’t stay up for long’ and ‘That will ruin the paintwork!’ So, if you are ‘grown up’ like me, then read on.
I contacted Mattel and they kindly sent us a Hot Wheels Wall Track starter set and the Drift Rally Spinout pack so I (and all other grown ups) could be proven wrong! The starter set comes in several pieces but has very clear instructions and a large paper template which you stick on your wall to aid positioning of the wall brackets.  There are six of these and twelve 3M Command Strips, so you can put it up at least twice! I found the set up straight forward, it took about 15 minutes and then it is advised you leave the brackets for an hour before you begin play. If you have any problems there are ‘video instructions’ on the Hot Wheels website. The stunt tracks then clip into the brackets and you’re ready to go.
I asked Small Boy if he thought the new Hot Wheels Wall Track that had appeared in his bedroom was wicked. His reply – ‘Oh Muuuum! That’s WAY more than wicked’ – seven year old approval then. He got stuck in to playing while I (sceptically!) waited for the brackets to fall off the wall. I’m still waiting over a week later. I WAS WRONG – there, I admit it. Anyway, there is so much to do with the Wall Track. It has the awesome spring loaded loop, a trigger mechanism that allows you to stack cars at the top and each one sets the next off, diverters to send cars in different directions and a ‘long drop jump ramp’ which launches the cars into spectacular jumps. There are two points of attachment to which you can add any other Hot Wheels sets, we’ve had several Jurassic trick tracks and Bladespinner attached sucessfully, and when you want a change of scene, all the stunt tracks are interchangable so you can move them around.

Drift Rally Spinout

The Drift Rally Spinout pieces are also compatible (as are all the Hot Wheels Wall Track sets) or can be used with their own brackets as an extension, or as a stand alone set. Remarkably, the wall tracks even go around corners so you can really get in the middle of things.
There is one minor downside to the Hot Wheels Wall Track. They are supplied with one car and ,as usual, say on the box ‘not for use with some Hot Wheels vehicles’ but we found that quite a few of our Hot Wheels cars didn’t work very well on the wall track (basically they are too big to go around the spring loop, and jam up). I have noticed though that Mattel have produced a special pack of Wall Track cars, so maybe a tip for FC there, as I’m sure this will still be a favourite come Christmas.
Mattel and 3M have definitely come up with a winning combination in the Wall Track series. Small Boy and his friends adore it, ‘grown up’ Mummy thinks it’s great – you can leave it up for instant play, it doesn’t take up much room, it has provided hours of fun already AND it comes off without ruining the paintwork!
I think Hot Wheels Wall Tracks are going to be a big hit this Christmas, they are widely available from most major retailers.