Re-Uz Oilcloth Carrier Bags

I was really pleased when a little package arrived at my door containing this charming Re-Uz Carrier Bag. I had come across the Josoblu website and really loved the range of beautiful and stylish designs they use on their bags. When winter arrives we pull out our big (usually black) warm winter coats and all the colour of summer starts to fade away from our outdoor accessories but with the bags at Josoblu, vibrant patterns and wet weather can come hand in hand, because these strong and durable oilcloth carrier bags are also waterproof.

They sent me the Spring Flower design which I really love but there are many designs to choose from. I was really surprised by how sturdy the bag felt and I would have no worries adding a few heavy items to my shopping bag. It is just large enough to take all the bits and bobs I often call into my local store for after a school drop off, such as milk, bread, cakes etc.

My 5 year old daughter absolutely loves this bag too. When not in use it folds up into a small and neat package which has its own very cute tiny bag to keep it in. I am never in danger of forgetting to take my shopping bag with me to the shop anymore as she begs me to let her carry the little bag with the big bag inside. Then when I carry home the bulk of the shopping in the bag, she will have her own matching bag with a little packet of sweets or a cake to carry home.

And at just £6.99 these bags will make a perfect present for Mum’s this Christmas. With a lovely range of designs there is a bag to suit every Mum on this website so take a look here.