Air Hunterz Z Curve Launcher

Awesome Air Hunterz!

Ever since Small Boy was, well, small he has been besotted with archery. He is desperate to join an archery club and do it properly but sadly is still too young. We have spent quite an amount of money over the past few years on ‘toy’ bows and arrows but none last long. They either don’t fire from the off or the strings go baggy and the arrows break, so not great investments. The Air Hunterz Z Curve Launcher is so different that I almost feel bad calling it a toy. The Z Curve is amazing! It is easy to hold and easy to fire and can launch the arrows spectacular distances – much to the delight of Small Boy (aged 7) and his Dad. They have had such a serious amount of fun with the Z Curve I wish I had discovered it sooner.

I first saw the Air Hunterz range at a trade show and was so impressed that the exhibitors, Wind Designs, kindly agreed to send me one to review. I’m not going to go into great technical detail, (because I can’t. I’m a girl!) but what makes the Air Hunters Z Curve Launcher so good is the ‘twin band’ system, which has an independent loop from each tip of the bow, which the arrows hook into. This completely eliminates ‘ baggy string syndrome’ as the force is not entirely dependant on the spring in the bow itself. There is a good strong grip tab on the arrows which you hold for launching. The bow itself is very sturdy, and well made but is remarkably light weight, and very tactile. It looks great, is nicely packaged and it’s very, very cool. It comes with two types of arrow, soft tipped zartz, and suction cup zartz, both of which fly brilliantly, and are usable with other launchers from the Air Hunterz range.

The Air Hunterz Z Curve Launcher is not archery but it’s certainly close enough for Small Boy, and I think there would be few boys out there, from 7 to 77 who wouldn’t have fun with one (or two!). I am really happy with the quality of the Z Curve Launcher and will certainly be buying more from the Air Hunterz range. I think they are excellent value for money, £16.99 from Amazon, and refill arrow packs are widely available, a good thing as I’m sure we will lose some to the awesome firepower of the Z Curve Launcher.

If you’re stuck for ideas for any sons, brothers, nephews and even husbands this Christmas, then you won’t go far wrong with one of these! Go on – Make Their Day!