Great advice from is a website we’ve mentioned in detail on Mummy Reviews before but there’s an aspect of it that’s getting more and more relevant as inflation is rising whilst the double dip of the double dip recession seems to be more and more likely to be happening any minute now and that’s the job board.
Because Working Mums understands the need of mums with children to look after, often at a cost of childcare that is well in excess of the money you can actually earn working part time, there is a focus on flexible working and homeworking. As of today, there are 68 homeworking jobs advertised on their board. Of course not all of these are suitable for everyone, if you’ve got a toddler screaming the house down, telesales from home is going to be tricky but by and large a lot of work from home can be fitted around kids.

So if you’re a stay at home mum looking to add a bit of extra income to your house, Working Mums has some useful resources as well as a good job board to trawl through.