Horrid Henry: The Movie

When Horrid Henry: The Movie arrived through the post I wasn’t sure whether or not my little ones would like it. They haven’t yet been introduced to the TV show or books, so it was all new to them. My little boy is 3 and I wondered if he might be too young, whilst my eldest is 5 but a real girls girl. Still, it was worth a try, so I popped it in the DVD player one afternoon when everyone was a bit exhausted and watched it with them.

They loved it. Garden Boy thought the silly humour was hilarious and particularly enjoyed the war waged against Margaret Moody and the girls. I’m not entirely certain he fully grasped the school based story line but it didn’t spoil his enjoyment at all. Garden Girl on the other hand, was the perfect age to enjoy the school setting and she was riveted. When I had told her the film was about a naughty boy she had decided she would hate it but she could not pull her eyes away and everytime Henry sang a rock song she was up in the middle of the floor dancing away and playing air guitar. At the end of the movie she approached me with a very ‘Horrid Henry’ attitude and said, ‘Mummy, when I am at school tomorrow go and get me a guitar. I want to be in a rock band.’ My reply was to suggest she enjoyed the film after all, to which she said ‘It was brill!’

And I enjoyed it too. The child actors were brilliant and the cast well chosen with Angelica Huston as Miss Battle-Axe standing out for me. The story line is simple but perfect for the age the film is aimed at and it is jam packed with humour and silly gags to keep youngsters giggling for days. If your children are Horrid Henry fans or of Primary School age this film is sure to go down a hit. The film is released on November 28th 2011 when it will be widely available but you can buy it on Amazon here.