Rastamouse 9 inch Talking and Singing Plush

How exciting to be offered a few things to review from the BBC Shop! We were thrilled and couldn’t wait to see what came, especially as we are big viewers of Cbeebies, Doctor Who and Strictly!

First of all the kids were gifted this Rastamouse 9 inch talking and singing plush from Character Toys. Rastamouse if such a funny kids programme on Cbeebies that it become a bit addictive. I’m certain that we have developed some family catch phrases as a result of watching it. It’s really funny hearing the 2 year old talking about ‘da easy crew’.

This little Rastamouse soft toy was an instant hit with the kids. So much so, that they had a massive fight over him. Ahem. If you press his tummy you get the Rastamouse theme tune and a few catch phrases. These are all at a reasonable volume which is great because often these toys can be quite loud.

In terms of quality, Rastamouse seems like a well made robust toy, the stitching is good, tha fabrics appropriate and he bears a striking resemblance to the little fella on Cbeebies.

When I asked the kids what the best thing about their Rastamouse toy they said it was because he can talk and that he was musical and made them dance. That’s pretty good isn’t it! In fact we’d say he was ‘Iry mon’

You can buy him at the BBC Shop for just £12.99