The Clarity Digital Audio Monitor by Lindam

The Clarity Digital Audio Monitor by Lindam is a stylish baby monitor that the nice people at sent us to test. We’re now on our third baby and our original monitor we used for our first two (the eldest is going to turn 5 very soon) was just a bit knackered, so it was nice to try something new.

Things have moved on in the 5 years since we last bought a baby monitor. The big chunky kiddy look appears to be out, the Lindum Clarity Digital Audio Monitor looks smart and sophisticated. Okay, so in a house full of Ben10 and Peppa Pig, it’s pretty easy to spot, but if you’re having your first child and still have grown up things about, this is the monitor for you since it will fit in with a house that hasn’t been thoroughly infiltrated by kids stuff.

There are several features we really liked about the Clarity Digital Audio Monitor that kindly supplied us with. Because the monitor is digital, it has a very clear sound, a lot of the static you get with an analogue monitor is simply just not present here. You can hear every single snuffle and squeak. Whether it’s good for your sanity is of course another matter.

The parent handset is a good size and shape too, it’s akin to a large cordless phone. It has a docking station, so you don’t have to fiddle around plugging cables in to it. There is a belt clip but I admit to not using it, I don’t often wear a belt and prefer to pop the monitor on a counter/table in the room I’m in. The LED’s that tell you the link is okay and the battery has charge are clear and easy to see. In fact the whole parent monitoring unit itself is very uncluttered and simple to use.

The base station itself is sturdy and can run either from battery or from mains, depending on whether you happen to have a power socket near the cot or moses basket.Be prepared to buy a good set of rechargeable batteries if you are going to rely on battery power though!

The base unit contains the usual night light, and of course you have the intercom ability that is common to a lot of baby monitors. I have to admit to never using this sort of function, my husband once did his best Orson Wells impression and pretended to be God telling our lad off via the intercom. Miraculously, the boy was quiet for a couple of minutes. Probably shock.

In summation, the Clarity Digital Audio Monitor by Lindam is a stylish and solid baby monitor that has excellent audio clarity (just as well as the name would look stupid otherwise).

The Lindum Clarity Digital Audio Monitor is priced at £59.99, and is available from for the bargain price of £49.99 as well as other leading retailers.