Socks by Nick Sharratt and Elizabeth Lindsay

Without a shadow of a doubt this is Fifi’s favourite book at the moment. For a three year old its a laugh out loud romp. In fact, she loves it so much and finds it so funny that we read it over and over again and I really don’t mind.

Inside you’ll find sockerels, sockdiles, sockish ponies and even goldisocks (which we thought was brilliant). Its basically a book full of different things made from socks and rhymes to go with them. I think the strength of the book is that it is very inspirational. Our sock drawer has been mined to make, sock puppets, bed socks for babies and mersocks. We have drawn things using a sock shape as the basic shape and discussed our favourite socks. It’s really great a joy to read, you’ll love it.

Published by David Fickling Books
on 2nd February 2012
ISBN: 9780857560377
Hardback £10.9