Tommee Tippee closer to nature ® Digital Video Monitor with Movement Sensor Pad

The Tommee Tippee closer to nature ® Digital Video Monitor with Movement Sensor Pad arrived at just the right time for us, with a new addition to the family on New Years Day, I for one didn’t fancy digging out our 5 year old Tomy analogue monitor. The cables are an unruly mess and the things have taken a bit of pasting over the years.

I passed the Closer to Nature Video Monitor over to hubby to unbox and set up, in my defence I was slightly distracted by a teeny tiny baby. He reckoned it looked more like a high end gadget than something supposedly as mundane as a baby monitor.

The immediate difference, apart from the obvious addition of a video camera and viewing screen, from any of the previous baby monitors I’ve seen is how stylish and grown up the units look. As you can see from the video below, the video monitor looks really swish. I personally wish our house was a tidy (and white) as the one in the promotional video.


I was sceptical of how good the video monitor would actually be, given how ropey video footage shot on even an expensive smartphone can be. At £199 the closer to nature ® Digital Video Monitor with Movement Sensor Pad isn’t exactly cheap but at that price, you would be pushed to buy a decent video camera and a pair of walkie talkies. But after charging the receiver for the mandated ten hours, I was really really impressed with the quality of the video footage. Not just in the daylight either, in the dark it slips into infra red night vision mode. It’s like its the baby monitor of choice for the SAS or something! The camera cleverly tilts in the base unit, so you can put it above the cot on a chest of drawers or dresser and angle it down.

The audio clarity is as good as the video too, I suppose this is because it’s digital but I was very impressed. The quality is actually better than our phone line. I must admit we didn’t spend long testing the movement sensor pad because for me, an alarm going off if Ned didn’t move for 20 seconds wouldn’t give added comfort, it would just put me on edge. I can see how it would be useful for others who don’t worry quite so much as me though.

There are loads of other great features too. For the two most useful were the pager to find out where the heck I’d put the monitor unit and the temperature sensor that tells me how hot or not the nursery is.

Overall then, I’d say you definitely get what you pay for and with the Tommee Tippee closer to nature ® Digital Video Monitor with Movement Sensor Pad I think you certainly get good value for money. Considering the version without video is still £99, you’re getting an incredibly good video monitor built in for only £100. The great thing is I can see it coming in useful for child surveillance when Ned’s a bit older. I have a notion we’ll install it in the playroom…