Leapfrog Leapster Explorer


The Leapster Explorer is aimed at 4- 9 year old age group, so when we were asked if the boy would like to review one we thought it might be perfect. For Christmas, our four year old boy was lucky enough to get a Nintendo DS, but to be honest, even though we have age appropriate games for it, he still finds it a bit to advanced and requires a lot of help with it. From the minute we got the Leapster out of the box it was different. The boy could use it straight away and has enjoyed using it ever since.

The Leapster is a sturdy little games console which offers a range of ‘learning experiences’ , you can get games, e-books and so on. Its intuitive to use and in our house at least has withstood some man-handling, including getting dropped and a water spillage. In that sense it seems ideal for the age group. Its chunky buttons and general ‘feel’ means that I don’t feel that I have to observe the kids whilst playing with it.

One of the brilliant things about this is that Fifi has also been able to enjoy using it. At just three years old she sits with it for a really long time concentrating on what she is doing. The only other time I have seen her so engrossed with a bit of technology is with her V-tech Storio Cars 2 game. I think the Leapster has the edge because its a bit smaller and more portable and seems to immediately offer a wider range of activities.

I’m really impressed with this, it surprises me because its not something I would have gone out and bought as I’m not all that keen on this sort of thing myself. However, the kids are genuinely enjoying using it and I think it has helped Boy with his letters and sounds learning. It’s great to see them concentrating on an activity for a while, this doesn’t happen very often in our house! The Leapster feels like a good quality piece of kit.

My only reservations are that the games and apps which you download are quite expensive and its a bit fiddly to do. I can see that although the console is very reasonably priced at around fifty quid the overall cost could soon add up especially when you factor in the cost of batteries.

Overall though, I think its helped the boy with his letters and sound learning and he hasn’t even realised. For that alone I give it five stars

Disclaimer: We were given a Leapfrog Explorer to keep in exchange for a review