The Philips Man Iron

Just before Christmas I was sent an email which offered to send me a pampering set in exchange for sending my husband an Iron which he was to test out. How could I refuse such an offer? Especially as I absolutely hate ironing and I am keen to train the man up as I seem to spend ages on his work shirts.

The Man Iron is clearly targeted at men, its a sleek black machine with a simple dial which makes it easy to put it on the correct setting, even if you aren’t used to ironing and material identification. However I think its a pretty good iron generally. I had a quick go with it and I think its easily as good as my top of the range Bosch iron, if not better. I really liked the weight and the simplicity of it and so I can recommend it from that viewpoint. The other great feature is the quite narrow pointed nose which makes it easy to get into corners of fabric.

In the spirit of the challenge I didn’t explain how to use the iron to the husband, I merely pointed him the direction of the ironing board, the pile of washing and the ironing board. Thirty minutes later I checked on the results. I was surprised, he had managed to iron four work shirts (in record time) and seemed quite happy about it.

This iron comes in a sturdy case which to be honest I thought added to the general stuff to store but if your lad was going off to university or leaving home it would be perfect for them as they have a case to store it in. I’m a little bit torn about the idea of making domestic appliances appeal to a particular gender. I have to admit, I’d love a pink iron, but that’s not really a great thing to say in this age of equality and the fact that this iron is designed to appeal to men specifically seems to sit uneasily somehow. However, like max strength medicines which clearly appeal to men and encourage them to take them, if this Iron encourages men to do their ironing that can only be a good thing.

All I need now is a manly ironing board, shame mine has flowers on it…

And a word from the Husband:

Contrary to popular belief I do actually do some ironing and I’m not too horrific at it. My problem is mostly I like to stick a long film on and drag it out over an evening. I think the fact I was watching Big Trouble in Little China, which is only 99 minutes long and is pretty good helped the ironing, as did the iron itself which seemed to positively glide over the shirts. It wasn’t too heavy either and was in a decent non poncified colour. Shame it was lacking go faster stripes, preferably orange, but aside from that it was spot on.