Helping your baby to develop

For every new mom, having a baby brings with it all kinds of expectations and concerns about the future. Number one on the list for most mothers is the hope that their child will develop well into a well-rounded, intelligent child who has life skills and academic ability. Even before the baby diaper bag is packed, brand new babies begin to have their first learning experiences, and mental and physical development begin even before they are born!

During the first few months, it can be hard to see how a helpless baby can be truly learning from their experiences, but in fact this time can be some of the most valuable in terms of development. Seeing the faces of relatives, close family and friends is important, experiencing being held and hugged, and listening to the differing tones in people’s voices can be stimulating and thought-provoking for a brand new baby. Even simple activities like being changed into different clothing, feeling the different textures of fabrics, washcloths and diapers can be stimulating for a child that has been ensconced in a warm womb for nine months.

Ways of helping with your child’s early development include taking them to as many different activities and places as possible. Even a short walk to sit on a park bench is an opportunity to learn, being shown the trees, birds, buildings and different sights outdoors can be fascinating to a young child, and as long as a well packed changing bag is brought, there is no reason why a young baby cannot enjoy an afternoon absorbing the fresh air, smells and sounds of the great outdoors.

Clubs and activity groups are usually inexpensive, and can offer a great opportunity for your baby to see other babies of a similar age, and learn from watching older children and toddlers. Mom can benefit too by getting out and about and meeting other new moms!

Making new friends with children of a similar age can pave the way for childhood, creating social groups for the children to enjoy and providing friends for birthday parties and days out. At first chat tends to be limited to chats about feeding patterns, rashes and the latest designer baby bags, but as time goes by real bonds and memories can be formed with people in similar circumstances to you. These new relationships are particularly important for only children, and moms who are alone during the day.