Playmobil Falcon Knights Castle

playmobil castleWe nearly jumped for joy when as a family we were asked to join the Playmobil brand ambassador scheme. I love Playmobil mainly because they actually do realistic Roman Soldiers and gladiators ( I can’t help myself from buying them). The boy likes to play with his knights battlement set and Fifi has a rather wonderful boat, killer whale and fisherman from the 123 range. We’ve also been collecting the odd bit we see on special offer, thus we have a mermaid, a princess complete with her own dressing table and a police car. But my Roman Gladiators are the best.

Anyway, the boy was asked what he would like most from the range to try and he opted for the Falcon Knights Castle. I can’t tell you how thrilled he is with it, delight is a wonderful emotion to see in a child and he is brimming with it. As I type this he has been playing solidly with his knights and their castle for four hours, yes, FOUR hours. There have been a range of different scenarios and adventures, some involving the horse, some the weapons but all of them involve lowering the working drawbridge.

The Falcon Knights Castle is just a brilliant toy, it’s really well made, something you would expect from Playmobil and you know that it will last. In terms of value for money, I am surprised how cheaply you can pick this up for considering that its something that your child would play with from the age of four to about ten (I imagine) it represents a good investment.

The castle came in various pieces which all needed construction. I have to admit this took a bit of time and was a bit of a challenge, at one point we realised we had done a bit wrong and had to start all over again. However, now its all built, the castle is proving very robust and quite literally a brilliant toy. I’m very jealous of the boy, I wish it was mine. I suppose there’s always a chance for me after bedtime….

You can buy the Falcon Knights Castle directly from Playmobil or from loads of other retailers.