Boy Craft Loads of things to make for and with boys (and girls) by Sara Duchars and Sarah Marks

boycraft[1]In our ever expanding quest to watch less television, we do a lot of craft.We have a fair few kids craft books in this house, some from when I was child minding and needed inspiration quickly, and some to allow the kids to do something a bit more involving that simple cutting and sticking.
Many of them are actually quite repetitive with a few standard ideas recycled in different ways. Boy Craft is different, it is one of the most original craft books I’ve ever seen. I’ve actually been really excited by it which came as a surprise to me because initially the cynic in me thought it might be a gimmick to simply shove the word boy on a book about crafting .
When the book first appeared in the house my husband of all people thought it might be a bit sexist as its name implies its just for boys (although there is a small caption which includes girls). However, the very fact that its called Boy Craft has captured my 7 year old boys imagination and he hasn’t been able to put it down, even drawing up a list of things that he must do over this half term:
The boy has been really busy over the past couple of days trying out loads of the ideas. Our favourite easy one was the Scary Egg Eyeballs:
Fifi has been having loads of fun making superhero masks for her soft toys, between her and the boy nearly every soft toy or doll in the house has been turned into a superhero.

The book is bright, cheery, inspirational and an absolutely fantastic resource. In fact, I’ve got quite a few of the projects on my list to do with our Beaver group. 

I cant recommend this book more highly, it really has captured my children’s imagination and anything that can get a 7 year old boy interested in doing craft activities really has my most sincere thanks. Of course, as the cover makes clear, it’s just as suitable for girls too.
Boy Craft Loads of things to make for and with boys and girls by Sara Duchars and Sarah Mark is published by Frances Lincoln £12.99 paperback on 6th March 2014. You can pre-order here