Claire writes for Being A Mummy. Mum to Toddler Boy and Baby Fifi, in another life she is an archaeologist. What she doesn’t know about baby stuff isn’t worth knowing.

Alex writes for Daddacool He is a daddy on a mission to find cool stuff that the kids might also enjoy. By day he is a mild mannered accountant, by night he’s asleep. Until the cry “Dadda want you!!” is raised at any rate.

Jenni writes for Little Garden Helpers. Mum to Garden Girl and Garden Boy she loves the outdoor life.

Nicola is a trained childminder, mum to Blonde Boy and currently growing Baby Bump two. She is a very talented artist and designer and loves to get crafty. She has a special skill for entertaining children and always picks the very best toys.

Louise is a mum and a  part time worker and has her two testers, small boy and baby girl (names which have stuck even though they are now 5 and 2!). She is just getting to grips with the ‘school’ thing as small boy started reception this means the whole family are trying their best to keep up with all he is learning. His being away all day however, means that baby girl and Louise have ‘together’ time which we have never had before, so are having a great time doing everything from music to cooking, and puzzles to playgroup!

Jen aka Mummy Mad writes The Madhouse she is a mum of two,  MaxiMad  who is 5  and MiniMad who is  3 . She is very crafty.