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All About Alfie by Shirley Hughes

I’m a total sucker for kids books especially featuring characters I remember from my own childhood. I have really vivid memories of reading Shirley Hughes classic stories and her artwork is etched into my memories, alongside playing in the garden on the swing and having childhood adventures discovering ladybirds and worms and garden creatures. Slightly […]

The Artist Who Painted a Blue Horse by Eric Carle

Anyone with pre-schoolers will be very familiar with Eric Carle’s books. We love The Hungry Caterpillar and over the course of a week read it about 3 times, its one of those books I remember reading when I was little and there is something about it which never fails to delight. Eric Carle’s artwork is […]

Driver Dan's Story Train books

We watch a fair amount of Cbeebies and one of the nicest programmes on there is Driver Dan’s Story Train.  I was thrilled when Fifi was sent some of the new collection of Driver Dan books by Macmillan because she doesn’t have that many books purely aimed at her age group, she normally gets to […]

The Dairy Book of Home Cookery

When I first left home I was in need of a decent basic straightforward cookery book, you know, one which has all the conversion tables, tells you how not to poison yourself and how to cook roast beef. I wish I had seen this cookery book because this is the one I needed. It tells […]

Art of Roughhousing: Good Old Fashioned Horseplay and Why Every Kid Needs it

Whilst the title might be a mouthful, the Art of Roughhousing: Good Old Fashioned Horseplay and Why Every Kid Needs it, is a great book and a book you must buy if you’re a parent to boys. At times our 4 year old seems almost feral but such is the way of boys. They’ve got […]

Little Dish Favourites Cookbook

I fit the bill for the Little Dish Favourites Cookbook perfectly, as it’s designed for time challenged parents who don’t have hours to spend in the kitchen but want to feed their children nutritious home cooked food. That’s probably why I like it so much. It’s full of many of the recipes which I cook […]

Notes From My Kitchen Table by Gwyneth Paltrow

Everyone should own this book, not for the cookery. No, because the one thing that it does brilliantly is cheer you up, it takes you to a fantasy world which you had a sort of inkling feeling existed from reading The Times Style magazine. However here is proof. You see, Gwyneth likes to think she […]

Here Comes the Poo Bus by Andy Stanton

Fifi and Boy were very kindly sent a copy of Here Comes the Poo Bus by Andy Stanton. It’s one of the most bizarre little poems you will ever read to your kids. Essentially the tale of Uncle Toad who collects insects for a special trip to the seaside on board his bus made of […]

This Book Totally Makes Stuff Grow; A Maggie & Rose Activity Book

We were sent a copy of This Book Totally Makes Stuff Grow to enjoy and enjoy it we did! My children love to do stuff in the garden, I am often at a loss to know what to do with them in the garden. Once the seeds have been planted and a bit of carefully […]

This Book is Totally Rubbish – A Maggie and Rose Activity Book

When I was asked to write a review of the book ‘This Book Is Totally Rubbish’ I was quite keen. My four year old and two year old love craft activities and a bit of new inspiration never goes amiss. On top of this, I thought this book might give the children an interesting insight […]

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