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Three by the Sea by Mini Grey

Three by the Sea is a beautifully illustrated book, about a dog, mouse and cat who live in a beach hut. I absolutely love the seaside and actively seek about seaside/ sea themed books to read to them children. They don’t mind either way, but I figure that if I read them something that interests […]

Superbaby by Dr. Jenn Berman

Superbaby is one of those enormously massive parenting books which aims to give you ’12 ways to give your child a head start in the first three years’. I’m a sucker for these parenting books, partly as I am curious and partly because I really would love to find ‘the answer’. I happily read through […]

You Are What You Eat and Other Mealtime Hazards by Serge Bloch

You are What You Eat and Other Mealtime Hazards is a wonderful little book which uses a charming combination of photographs which have been illustrated in a humorous way to educate children about the virtues of healthy eating. Its the story of a little boy has his dog Roger and his mums desire to get […]

Goodbye Pert Breasts by Ben Wakeling- Interview

Goodbye pert breasts is Ben Wakelings first book. It deals with the trials and tribulations of pregnancy from a chaps view, interlaced with useful advice and amusing anecdotes that appeal to mums and dad’s alike. We caught up with Ben for a chat to see if his wife had bludgeoned him round the head with […]

Micro Flyers by Gary D Breiwick

I make one sort of paper airplane. It goes about 5 feet and then nose dives into the ground with all the force of a house brick. But it’s the one my Dad taught me when I was younger, so it will be passed down to the next generation. Fortunately for us Sterling Publishing have […]

The Slime Squad by Steve Cole

Random House publishers really kindly sent us a couple of copies of The Slime Squad to have a look at. I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical that my two little pre-schoolers would like them. However, although they can’t read them themselves yet, they do seem to enjoy the stories as I read them […]

Man Gave Names To All The Animals by Bob Dylan & Jim Arnosky

No need for a double take, Dylan hasn’t suddenly downed pen and decided to write childrens books. Man Gave Names To All The Animals is instead an illustrated rendition of the titular song, first recorded by Dylan in 1979. I was 4 years old at the time so can’t say I remember it well. That’s […]

Current Bedtime Reading

Friend and blogger Metropolitan Mum recently asked about some of Toddler Boy and Fifi’s favourite books. I’m more than happy to oblige, we love reading books and to be honest buy absolutely loads. I tend to look at the Red House and The Book People websites and grab any bargains that I see. Toddler boys […]

Easy Weaning DVD from The Baby Chef

I have to admit that when I first sat down to watch The Baby Chef Easy Weaning DVD I was somewhat skeptical. I mean, really, who needs to be shown how to steam and puree an apple? And yet, when I got out my ironing board and popped the DVD on to watch while I […]

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Kerwhizz Magazine from CBeebies – Review

We were sent 2 copies of the new Kerwhizz Magazine from CBeebies to review.  I have bought the standard Cbeebies Magazine for Maxi in the past, but stopped as he is getting too old for it and Mini has never really been in to magazines, so I had an idea of what format the magazine […]

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