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Re-Uz Oilcloth Carrier Bags

I was really pleased when a little package arrived at my door containing this charming Re-Uz Carrier Bag. I had come across the Josoblu website and really loved the range of beautiful and stylish designs they use on their bags. When winter arrives we pull out our big (usually black) warm winter coats and all […]

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Barbie: A Perfect Christmas

Barbie: A Perfect Christmas is a must have film to add to your Christmas collection if you have young children. My five year old daughter absolutely loved it and before it had even finished she was asking when she could watch it again. And her younger brother (3 years old) was also tapping his foot […]

Weetabix, Weetakids app

We don’t get to trial apps very often despite being offered loads of them because we don’t have an iPad. However, on this occasion we were really kindly loaned one so we could have a good go. Once each and everyone of us stopped fighting over who would get to go first we soon realised […]

Tizi TV for Apple iPads and iPhones

Tizi TV is a solution for a problem you didn’t know existed because it’s outside of what you would normally expect to do with your iPad or iPhone. Once you know what the Tizi TV is and can do, you realise it’s really clever, and like our friend Neil, begin lusting after one. Tizi TV […]

Bosch Logixx 8 Washing Machine from Appliances Online

I was lucky enough to be asked if I wanted to test the Bosch Logixx 8 washing machine by brilliant on-line appliances company, Appliances Online. We have been really pleased with our existing Bosch appliances and would certainly recommend them to others, however this washing machine is one of the top ones in the range […]

Sesame Street Once Upon a Monster, Xbox 360

Last week I went to a Microsoft Xbox 360 Kinect Showcase evening in London. Wifey had been invited by we agreed at 6 months pregnant, jumping and flailing about like a loon probably wasn’t the sanest thing to do. There were a number of kid specific games available for us to try, and the pick […]

Re-Uz Oilcloth Bags

Lets face it, we all like bags don’t we? Even the husband has enough bags to last him a lifetime. Yet, you never have quite the perfect one for every occasion do you? Therefore I was quite pleased to be given the chance to try out a Re-Uz oilcloth messenger bag. I was sent this […]

Hitachi Touro Mobile Pro and Hitachi Backup

Hitachi are one of an increasingly small number of companies that actually manufacture hard disk drives. Some of them go straight into computers, and some of them like the Touro Mobile Pro go into external enclosures so we can use them on the move, to either transfer data between computers or back up stuff we’re […]

Snowflake USB microphone review

You might wonder what use a separate microphone is for a desktop or laptop computer. I certainly did before I got my mitts on the Snowflake USB microphone. I’m typing this on my Asus EEE 1215 netbook. It’s got a built in microphone and webcam, so I thought it wouldn’t have benefited from another microphone. Boy, […]

Miamoo Baby Products

Fifi was sent a selection of the Miamoo range of baby skincare products to test. Normally I insist that she uses organic baby products but I thought in this case I would make an exception. Partly because I was very interested to test the latest venture from Saira Khan of The Apprentice fame. However, I […]