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Be Baby Light and Sounds Baby View Mirror

Garden Lass is usually a very chilled out baby. At home she is contented to sit and watch her older brother and sister play, bouncing her chair when she gets excited. Or else, she is propped up on her elbows gazing at the world around her and trying her hardest to crawl to the nearest […]

Mr Colour Maker by Tomy

Garden Boy is potty training at the moment so when Tomy sent us their new toy, ‘Mr Colour Maker’, it couldn’t have been at a more opportune moment.  He loves it, so it has been a fabulous distraction to keep him on the potty. Left alone with the toy, he tips all the paint pots […]

Tomy Battle Deck Mega Raceway

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Tomy Battle Deck Mega Raceway

Car racing tracks can be expensive, especially where remote controlled cars are involved, and forgive me for saying I don’t quite trust the boy with all those expensive parts. No doubt both him and the husband would love playing with them, but I’d rather have something a little more likely to stand the test of […]